Why start off with Deccan Rummy?

Mobile gaming has got a new dimension of what it was before years. Gaming is not just a time pass event, but the revolution has changed it to be a profession. You could find a wide range of options left in the play store for you to explore. The number of gamers and the number of games have turned out to be a tremendous number now. Most popular of them are fantasy games and card games like online rummy and online poker.

There are numerous number of hosts around the country serving stupendous gaming experience. There are many expectations among gamers to fulfil their gaming experience. Deccan Rummy is one host that can get you all the gaming experience you need. 

When you are a newcomer to the online rummy society, you could opt to start off your rummy career with Deccan Rummy. There are reasons for that, know what they are,

  1. Best of starts 

The very first moment you sign up with Deccan Rummy, you get a small gift of ₹25 for the players as a signup bonus. To claim this free cash, you must verify the mobile number with which you register. 

The online world of rummy is known for great promotional deals. One of them is the Welcome bonus! This bonus at Deccan Rummy is huge. Your very first deposit in the website is eligible to get a 100% bonus up to ₹5000. All that the user has to do is use code “WELCOME” while making the deposit. 

2. Rummy variants 

Deccan Rummy gives you access to play all three variants of Indian Rummy- Points, Deals and pool rummy. There are wide option of tables available at the gaming centre under every rummy variant. 

Points rummy – The game lasts only one round. The winner will get the sum of all the cash the opponent(s) have lost. 

Deals rummy- The game will have either 2 or 6 rounds each game as chosen by the player before joining the table. The player with the maximum point holder will be the winner. 

Pool rummy- This is the last man standing contest. There are two tables in the format, 101 and 201 pool tables. Players will get eliminated when players cross the maximum point limit. 

3. Rummy tournaments 

Deccan Rummy is known for hosting high-class rummy tournaments with unique rewards. Not just cash, players can win movie vouchers, gold coins, online shopping coupons and many more exciting rewards. Freeroll tournaments are pretty huge here. The total freeroll reward giveaways every month is 20 Lakh. In a 24 hour daily time, you have got one new tournament open in every one hour. There are special tournaments you can play on all special occasions. 

Rummy at Deccan Rummy will definitely get you memorable moments in the future. Download the Deccan Rummy mobile rummy app and enjoy rummy gaming hereafter! 

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