Viki & Rohit talk about earning money online

How to earning money online

Rohit and Viki are the best of friends. Rohit is a BPO employee who’s finding it tough to make ends meet. At this time, his best buddy Viki steps in to give him a wonderful idea. Let’s see how the conversation went about further:

Viki: Hey buddy, how’s life?

Rohit: Hi, I’m cool! How are things doing at your end?

Viki: Great! What happened to your plans for additional incomes?

Rohit: Still figuring it out. Nothing has come to fruition till today.

Viki: I have something very interesting that I guess you may like, shall I tell?

Rohit: Sure!

Viki: If I remember correctly you play card games well right?

Rohit: Yeah, it’s been my passion since childhood! But I’ve been out of touch of late.

Viki: It doesn’t matter pal, you know there’s something very enticing that I found recently! Have you heard about online card gaming websites?

Rohit: Yeah, it’s been around for years I guess!

Viki: Yup! Now Online Rummy industry has been one of the most flourishing industries in the Indian market for some years now! Are you aware that there are people who earn riches with it?

Rohit: Oh is it?

Viki: Yup, I recently played on a website called and I have something very interesting to share.

Rohit: Oh I never knew playing Rummy online is legal. I always thought it was some kind of shady underground deal.

Viki Rohit

Viki: Absolutely Not! OnlineRummyNews is a legal online rummy site operating within the Indian legal system. In fact, playing rummy with stakes itself is legal as our Supreme Court has many rulings in favor of it.

Rohit: I never knew this. Wait a minute, Rummy is gambling, right? I have heard so many tales of people losing money with such online gambling sites.

Viki: Hey, Rummy isn’t gambling at all! Many people have this wrong notion about rummy. It’s a skill game. In Rummy game, you have to remember the fall of cards which requires a strong memory power besides skill that is involved in melding the cards. How can a game that requires memory and skill be merely dismissed as gambling? Gambling is pure luck, whereas Rummy is not!

Rohit: Oh I see! This is interesting. Can you tell a little more about

Viki: Well, is one of the safest 13 card Indian rummy sites in India allowing the gamers to play a wide variety of 13 card games and tournaments. Here the players can play for Free and win massive cash prizes.

Rohit: How much money I can make per month without any investment at OnlineRummyNews? I’m a bit skeptical about investing money in random online sites.

Viki: That’s perfectly understandable! Neither would I invest in random sites as well. I started off playing free rummy games and after some months, now I’m into playing cash games now. Well just by playing free games itself you can get to win real cash prizes

Rohit: Can you tell me approximately how much I can?

Viki: I have made up to Rs. 30K playing freeroll games. It, of course, varies from person to person. You would be surprised to note that there is more than Rs. 5 Lakhs to grab in their freeroll tournaments.

Rohit: That’s plenty!

Viki: Indeed. Additionally, they conduct special tournaments for all the Indian festivals with huge bounties!

Rohit: Sounds really cool!

Viki: You know there’s a live weekly leaderboard contest, that’s running every week which allows the player to play & win opulent gifts like iPhones, Cameras, iPad Pros and a lot more.

Rohit: Interesting really! Can you tell a little more about it?

Viki: Conducted on a weekly basis, It’s a leaderboard contest where people are ranked according to the points they secured across 3 categories with the top 10 players in each category eligible for prizes.

Rohit: So how to secure those leaderboard points?

Viki: You can get them by playing cash rummy games online easily.

Rohit: I’m impressed! Is the registration free or do we have to pay something?

Viki: The registration is absolutely free and you get Rs. 25 as welcome bonus after verifying your mobile number. You can win an awesome welcome bonus up to Rs. 5000!

Rohit: That’s a lot buddy! Thanks, Viki! It was really helpful. I’m on my way to

Viki: Cool Buddy! Always happy to help! Do play practice games first and then proceed to Freeroll tourneys

Rohit: Yes I will. Thank you again, Viki!

Viki: Just before you leave, there’s a refer-a-friend promotion as well using which you can invite your friends and earn an unlimited bonus.

Rohit: Sure I’ll try that Viki, Thank you once again for this information.

Viki: You’re welcome! Have a great time!


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