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Are you stuck up with some inconsistent performances at the table?

Learning is a never-ending process in the rummy field! Every game teaches something new as every game is different! That’s the x-factor of the 13-card Indian Rummy.

Here are a few tips to top the table!

Card arrangement

The cards after being dealt, many players never arrange the cards in the right way. As we all know there are 4 suits (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs) a player must arrange the card according to the suit. There is an even better arrangement, sorting the cards in accordance with the color of the cards. The arrangement will get a clear idea of the cards received.

Discard Face Card

This concept will definitely save a lot of points in hand. When you play for money, this could lessen the effect of loss. Playing rummy is an art only the smarts survive. A player must be sensible enough to discard the unnecessary high-value card. These cards must be discarded as early as possible. Never discard all the face cards, holding some will be much crucial in your game.

Read your Opponents

There are two prime duties a player must follow at the table. First, he/she must finely analyze the cards dealt. Second, the player must closely watch the game of all your opponents. Every card your opponent discards and picks is an idea about the cards in their hand.

All the ideas given in this entry are effective and efficient for a rummy player! Applying these ideologies in the table are will raise up the status of the player in the table.

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