Top 5 card games to play during quarantine

Are you bored with continuous lockdowns? You know something, lockdowns aren’t boring with card games. Not one, not two, but there are five interesting card games to spice up your lockdown hours.

It is a very well known fact that people are finding it hard to spend time during such a critical medical emergency in the nation. The records running over the past three months have shown us that there is heavy traffic in the OTT and online gaming platform. This blog can detail you on different card games that you can play with your family at your home; this can definitely get you good memories of spending time with your family during the quarantine.

1. Poker

Poker is a highly professional card game played by many people all around the world, both in real-time and online. In the online version, people can play both Omaha and Texas hold ‘em variance of poker. The game has more psychological content, Players actually rise or call their bet, or even fold. The player with the best hand among the contestants win the game.

2. Rummy

Rummy is a very popular game for decades in our country. In this game, a player must pick and draw cards to meld cards. Melding involves arranging three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive ranking order. Players have to arrange their hand in the form of sequences and sets so that there are no cards left out other than the card to submit. The rules of the game are so simple, but winning here needs skill. You have to be a very smart player to be a champion in this platform. The game is now owning a great reputation and popularity as Online Rummy. There are many rummy tournaments and rummy leaderboard contests available to enjoy playing the game with competitiveness.

3. Go fish

This card game has enormous followers, not like the other games, go fish has a great fan following among kids. The game does seem interesting. Each player will receive five cards player must ask the adjacent player to whether they have one card that would make a great combination of four consecutive cards. If the player who was asked for a card has the required card, then he or she has to give the card to the asker, if the person doesn’t have the required card then the asker must draw a card from the card deck.

4. Concentration

Concentration is a great card game that can improve a persons memory power. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The cards are arranged In four rows with 13 cards in each row. The cards are placed facing down. Each player is given a turn in which he or she must turn to cards over, if those two cards match each other then the player must take the cards if the cards do not match the cards are again placed facing down. If a player gets a matching card, then the player has to play until they get a mismatched couple of cards.

5. Solitaire

This card game is also called patients in Britain. The game has different variances, but only one person can play the game. The game is similar to a puzzle, a person playing the game must rearrange the cards given, in the prescribed arrangement. The game is available in many computer operating systems.

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