Tips to win a Leaderboard contest in Online Rummy

Tips to win a leaderboard contest

How to win a Leaderboard contest?

Rummy, the skill game, is all about players’ gaming skills. Success in the 13-card game is about the individual’s talent. The challenge involved the game is facing strong, talented opponents to win the game. You must prepare to face the best to survive in Online Rummy. Having a top hand in online Rummy earns you many in the form of rewards and fame. Such is the significance of the card game. The best way to earn big in Online Rummy is to win a Leaderboard contest.

The best destination to play online Rummy is Deccan Rummy. There is a lot for the players to enjoy at Deccan Rummy. There are many making use of the best opportunities in online Rummy at India’s fastest growing online rummy portal. The site with exciting rummy promotions in Indian online Rummy is how people identify Deccan Rummy. One such promotion is the New Year Millionaire 2.0 Leaderboard. The two crore prize pool leaderboard is set to begin this Nov 10 and finish by Dec 28.

 Leaderboard Concept:

The leaderboard contests at Deccan Rummy have a built-in leaderboard point system that decides the ranking of players at the leaderboard. The main objective for the player is to win many games in the allotted time. A player’s performance determines the leaderboard points in the contest. Every game you play will alter your position in the rankings.

 Tips to win a leaderboard contest: 

1. Find the appropriate table.

Calculations are valid only for cash rummy tables; make sure to play at the right table based on the entry fee you are about to play. Choose to play different cash tables from the game lobby. Do not prefer playing any other tournaments during the leaderboard time period. Wins in the tournament do not count in the points tally.

2. Higher Stake Table.

To win maximum points in the leaderboard, choose to play on high stake tables. When you win on high tables, you get to win maximum points in every game. This helps you maintain a good lead on the list. The biggest advantage of playing a leaderboard contest is that winning here is special for a player. Win at the game, and a lead at the leaderboard is a double benefit.

3. Time frame

A player must consider the time period of the leaderboard while joining the contest. Based on the time limit, you must choose the game you are about to play. Within the mentioned time period, a player must top the table; therefore, the game played, and the time limit is interconnected. There are many names on the table, but you have to be on the top to live the rewards.

4. Rummy Strategies

This is the most important time when rummy skills in a player will help at the maxim. Rummy Strategies indeed determine what kind of a player you are. A player must perform well in all the cash games the individual participates in. There are some Rummy skills and strategies you need to brush up before entering a leaderboard contest.

 Next Step?

Deccan Rummy offers players with jaw-dropping prize pool promotions; you have to be smart enough to play and own the rewards. Just two months to go for 2020, there are many rummy promotions in Indian Online Rummy of which the New Year Millionaire 2.0 stands tall. Fasten your seat belts and play the leaderboard promotion to win from the 2 crore prize pool.




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