Three variants of Indian Rummy

The biggest card game in the country- Rummy, is now the trend in online gaming. The digital world is growing at a very fast pace. The digital version of Rummy has turned a treat for rummy lovers in the country. The game has fallen inside the legal boundary of the country. The game was played only during functions, and special gatherings. Rummy is now very much accessible in the digital world.


The Indian Rummy has 3 different variants- points, deals, and pool rummy. All 3 variants of the 13-card Indian Rummy are available for players to play in the online rummy platform. The primary goal in Rummy regardless of the variant playing. The Player has to arrange cards in the form sequences and sets as per the rules of rummy.

Let’s learn about the 3 variants of Indian Rummy,

Points Rummy-

Points Rummy is the simplest and the easiest form of 13-card Indian Rummy. It is also the quickest form of rummy, the game lasts only few minutes. It is believed that, this variant is the most suited for beginners. Points Rummy is the most played variant. Online Rummy hosts have tables of the lowest value of tables in this format. The winner’s reward is calculated as given below,

Winner’s prize = (total number of points lost by opponents * table point value) – rake fee

Deals Rummy-

Deals rummy is played in a fixed number of deals (rounds). Every player in the table receives equal number of chips. At the end of each round, players should given the equivalent amount of chips to the points they have lost- to the winner. When all the deals end, the player owning the maximum number of chips win the game. The number of deals is either 2 or 6 and are pre-decided.

Winner’s prize = (entry fee * number of players at the table) – rake fee

Pool Rummy-

Pool rummy has 2 types of games – 101 and 201 tables. The format is a last player standing game. There aren’t any number of fixed deals. The points lost at each round is summed up and when a player cross the point limit of 101 or 201, the player gets eliminated.

Winner’s prize = (entry fee * number of players at the table) – rake fee

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