Summer Dhamaka at Deccan Rummy!

You got the chance to be protected during such a circumstance in our nation. How about we trust we are going to come out of such an infection break out.

This blog is a very special one for Rummy lovers. Your most favourite online rummy host Deccan Rummy is coming up with a special tourney for you. It is Summer satellite series! The best tourney you can play this summer.

The lockdown hasn’t been over yet. The tourney can be the best you can play during your boring quarantine period. The tournament assures you on exiting rummy moments at our tables.


Summer Satellite Series

The tournament has three levels. The three levels of competition are scheduled for five days from May 25May 25 to May 30May 30. Every day there is a huge cash amount shared amount the top-ranked players at the end of the day’s play. The total prize pool is ₹1.40 Lakh. Isn’t the tournament so cool for a hot summer?

There are three stages in the tournament- satellite, qualifiers, and the grand finale. Satellite level run for three days, the qualifiers run for two days, and the grand finale on May 30May 30. The tourney structure is as given below:


Level Date & Time Regn Seat Prize Pool
Satellite 1 May 25 @ 9pm 3 pm 299 ₹ 12000
Satellite 2 May 26 @ 9pm 3 pm 299 ₹ 12000
Satellite 3 May 27 @ 9pm 3 pm 299 ₹ 12000
Qualifiers 1 May 28 @ 9pm 3 pm 299 ₹ 27000
Qualifiers 2 May 29 @ 9pm 3 pm 299 ₹ 27000
Grand Finale  May 30 @ 9pm 3pm 299 ₹ 50000



The entry scenario is very interesting in the tourney. At the end of every day, top players will receive free tickets to join the next level of competition. Players can also make buy-in to join every level. One can even join the finale level directly.

Rummy Quarantine

Online games have played a major role in making this quarantine interesting. Especially Online Rummy! Of the many online rummy hosts in India, Deccan Rummy is known as a favourite among rummy lovers. Deccan Rummy has much new sign up in the recent weeks than the regular records. Deccan Rummy is making many new rummy promotions user for you. Keep updated with exclusive announcements.

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