8 Songs to listen while you play card games online

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You head into a casino, you will not see players indulging in gaming but also songs played in the background and people clubbing and partying. The choice of music depends on the type of casinos you are visiting and the season as well. Some casinos play retro music that binds well with arcade games they host. Some play hard rock bass heavy songs that go with the pulsating action around. Mostly, they use popular songs which are recognizable by many. Artists like Linkin Park, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith, NSync, and electronic metal bands are extremely popular in the casino arena.

Some online casinos have great music built in their platform giving the users a chance to listen to their favorite music while playing. Music is a quintessential part of casinos. Without it, the gambling experience appears incomplete. Some games fill in for this with some great background music. You will often find many poker players with their headset listening to their favorite track while playing in a tournament.

Songs to listen while playing card games

In case of online card games, most platforms have preferred to keep their platform music free except the sound of cards shuffling and clicks. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to music while playing at all. Tastes differ, while some players would want the surroundings to be calm, some would want classical music preferably instrumental while playing.

Loud and heavy metal music might go well with the vibrant and noisy settings of a casino. However, the general consensus among online card games enthusiasts that they are looking for music that inspires them in a good way and reinforces positive energy even when they are on the losing end.

Some even feel some music brings them good luck and is considered as a rabbit’s foot. Songs that reinforce positive throughts and has words “luck”, “win”, and “happy” bring positive energy to the table and allows to play online card games with more passion.

Though their opinions may sound unfounded, music does play a healing effect while playing. However, as mentioned it’s entirely dependent on the players’ choice and their personal preferences. Curating opinions from many, we’ve some up with a choice of songs that card games enthusiasts use in their playlist.

Whilst you may think that listening to music might prove to be a distraction as you need to concentrate on every hand, some players find it can help their game play and often play with their favorite playlist in the background.

1. Survivor by Destiny’s child

2. Poker Face by Lady Gaga

3. Dream on by AeroSmith

4. Can’t stop – Red Hot chili peppers

5. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

6. Va Va Voom – Nicky Minaj

7. Ace of Spades – Motorhead

8. The Jack – AC/DC

So, that’s some marvelous playlist, isn’t it? Next time, you gear up to play rummy or poker online, bang these songs on your music player while you grind to win goodies. With so many exciting promotions and offers lined up for this cricket world cup, these are awesome times to play rummy online. These songs will certainly aid you in your quest for glory!

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