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Guess the lockdown after lockdowns have driven you nuts! All the folks working from home and some who don’t have a lot of free time in their hands! With free time in hands it’s probably a wise idea to invest in skill-based mind game of rummy at sites like Deccan Rummy. The site is all about giving you a chance to test your rummy skills in tournaments and win big!

The lockdown has allowed the players to try out numerous online games. Sitting at home and doing nothing can be frustrating beyond a point. Games like Classic Rummy and poker were reportedly highest tried games during this lockdown. Rummy Sites like Deccan Rummy have reported a stark increase in the number of registrants during this lockdown. They continue to raise the bar by introducing bigger and better tournaments for the rummy lovers.



May Day Money Maker

May day is just around in a couple of days. Its a celebration of undying spirit of workers all around. Deccan Rummy have thrown open a fantastic tournament for all their players.
The 3 day May Day Money Maker hosts a gamut of tournaments – satellites, qualifiers, and finale that make you fight tooth and nail in the table. Running from Apr 29 – May 1, each tournament comes with a small buy-in and the players receive prize money and free tickets for the next round as prizes.

Tournament Details

Tourney Name                                Tourney Time        Reg time     Buy-in    Seats     Prizepool
Mayday Moneymaker Satellites   Apr 29 @ 9 PM       3:00 PM     ₹  50     402       ₹20000 + (46 Free Tickets to Qualifier)
Mayday Moneymaker Qualifier   Apr 30 @ 9 PM        3:00 PM     ₹ 100    299       ₹30000 + (100 Free Tickets to Finale)
Mayday Moneymaker Finale        May 1 @ 9 PM          3:00 PM     ₹ 200    250       ₹50000

A win from any special tournaments is always special. Deccan Rummy’s special tournaments have attained marquee status in the online rummy community. Winning this could give you a handful of prize money and a bag full of bragging rights.

The line-up looks irresistible no matter the level you are in. Staying indoors this whole April is going to end in up in a rewarding way for you! May day Moneymaker is only the start of an exciting month that they’ve planned out for you. Make sure to join us for further contests this month. As the lockdown is seemingly to extend for a few more weeks, there’s solid time for some good rummy action. Look forward to seeing plenty of contests in the near future. So gear up for this rummy season by building your bankroll, and get grinding!

Hover your cursor at Deccan Rummy and open up a world full of winning opportunities. What are you waiting for, join now!

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