Ace up your rummy skills with these rummy tips and tricks

Not many games command the popularity on the same breadth as Indian rummy online. Being a game that is rooted in India, we all have grown up playing the game at some point of time. Now that the game is available online, the number of players have reached astronomical proportions. One of the main reasons for rummy’s popularity is that it’s a skill game and easy to learn. However, you would need consistent practice to get better in the game. The game is all about enhancing your rummy skills. If you follow certain rummy tips and tricks, it may improve your winning opportunities.

Rummy Tips

Rummy Tips and Tricks

1. Be watchful

Always, remember the cards that are picked and discarded by your opponent. It is a thumb rule in a rummy game. Remembering the fall of cards will give you a hint of the sequences or the sets they are trying to make. You can then plan your moves accordingly. Ensure you know the rummy rules and how to play rummy thoroughly before starting to play.

2. Discard High value cards

It is advised to discard all high value cards ( Face cards, and numerical cards higher than 8) if they are not part of a sequence. This is done to reduce your point load in your hand. However, ensure that the cards you discard are not picked up by your opponents. It is where your observation skills mentioned above comes to use.

3. Make a Pure sequence

The main objective in a Indian rummy game online is to make a pure sequence. A pure sequence is a lifeline in a rummy game. Without making one, the other sequences or sets that you make would be immaterial. Ensure you make a pure sequence right at the beginning of the game.

4. Make sequences more than 3 cards

For a successful declare in a 13 card rummy game, you need to have 2 sequences at least. One among them is pure sequence which in general is 3 cards belonging to the same suit in a consecutive order. However, you can make a sequence of 4 cards or 5 cards as well. If the 4th or the 5th card in your series is in the sequential order, do not hesitate to keep it.

5. Make use of the Joker properly

Joker is the magic jack in the game. It is going to come to your rescue very often. If you are struck unable to complete your sequence or a set, then joker card can take the position of the missing card as a substitute. With the assistance of joker card, you can finish the game quickly. However, pure sequence is mandatory. Do not forget that.

6. Learn to Bait the opponents

If you are sure that the cards you need is in your opponents’ hands, throw a card belonging to the sequence you are building as a bait. Your opponents may assume that you are not building a sequence in that card and may eventually throw the card you require. However, this kind of luring will not necessarily work to your advantage every time.

These rummy tips and tricks mentioned will help you a long way in improving your game. We cannot assure you that following this would make you a winner every time, as it’s not possible to win continuously in rummy. However, your overall winning rate would significantly improve with these rummy tips.

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