Rummy Strategy

Rummy is one of the most preferred card games widely played by Indian gamers from all walks of their lives. Playing rummy has been the common past-time hobby of the majority of Indian gamers as it is supposed to have evolved to its current form here. It is said that Indian Rummy game has its origin in the Mexican game of conquian and has branched out to several countries. One of the reasons the rummy game has huge takers among the Indian populace is that it is based on skill. Unlike games like Poker and other card games where chances play a great role, rummy is purely skill based. If you are skilled enough you succeed else you fail – as simple as that!

The objective of 13 card Indian rummy game is to arrange the hand cards into proper sets and sequences with 0 points. In order to complete the objective, players have to draw and discard cards multiple times until the end. To help you reach the objective easily, we have come up with some solid tips and strategies that you can deploy whenever you are playing rummy online.

Common Rummy Strategies

1. Check your Starting Hands

It is very important that you decide whether to continue or not after seeing your starting hand cards. A very good or an average starting hand will ensure you get a fair chance of winning. On the other hand, if you get a very bad hand there is very little to play for; In those cases, you should fold your cards.

2. Aim for a pure sequence

In order for a successful declare, you need a pure sequence. As soon as you receive your hand cards arrange them in order using the sort feature that is available in most rummy sites. The first objective should be to make a pure sequence. For a successful show, at least one pure sequence is mandatory. Example: 3, 4, and 5 of clubs is a pure sequence.

3. Observe your opponents cards

Have an abstract look at your opponents’ cards on the table. While you cannot peep in to check what cards he’s holding but you can predict the cards he’s likely to have by keeping track of the cards he’s discarding/picking. Try to memorize the fall of cards so that you may refrain from dropping the cards you need. However, while doing this you have to ensure you do not present yourself as vulnerable. One mistake by you is all your opponent needs to crash your party. So, be very cautious when you are dropping your cards.

4. Drop high value cards

Face cards like Jack, Queen, King & Ace carry 10 points. If the cards remain ungrouped then you will lose with heavy points. Make sure you get rid of such cards that don’t remain a part of a set or a sequence. While this may not come to your rescue every time, it may still work on most of the occasions.

5. Bait your opponents

Use high cards as a bait to get the cards you want. If you carry a sequence with high cards like A, K, Q, and J, dropping one of the above cards may cause your opponents to think that you may not need these cards. Your opponents may then drop the cards you need.

These strategies may not ensure you may win the game all times but they can be used as a guideline all times whenever you play rummy online. To get updates about the rummy strategies, subscribe to our blog. Also, if you find the information given here helpful, do not forget to share it your social media profiles.

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