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Namma Ooru Madrasu - Chennai

Deccan Rummy’s Guntur sojourn has been a massive success. Ever since the promotion was launched, there has been an immense rise in the curiosity level of online rummy players. True to her word, Rummy Raani fulfilled the promise of enthralling rummy players by coming up with two meritorious promotions. Called the glorious Guntur and Free 100 for 100, these two promotions were availed by thousands of players. Many players appreciated the efforts of Rummy Raani in exploring the places in and around Guntur.

A lot of people were also curious about Rummy Raani’s next destination. To sustain their interest, we conducted a Facebook contest where the players were requested to predict the place from the image that was put up. A lot of players got it right and the players were credited with free tickets for our Social Sharks tournament.

Rummy Raani to visit Chennai

Yes folks! Rummy Raani is going to travel to Chennai. Known as the gateway of south, Chennai is known for its rich culture and heritage. These are some of the places in Chennai where Rummy Raani would be paying a visit

  1. Chennai Central – Built in the year 1873, the building is one of the important landmarks of Chennai. The building continues to be represented as one of the pride of Chennai in many movies and art forms
  2. Marina Beach – Sprawling over a distance of 13 km, the beach is the second longest urban beach in the world.
  3. Ripon Building built in the year 1913, St George’s fort built in the year 1644, and Chennai government museum built in the year 1948.
  4. Street shopping, one of the important aspects of Chennai. Spencer Plaza, one of the many shopping malls in Chennai, which continues to hold to its position as one of the important landmarks of Chennai
  5. ECR, one of the busiest roads of Chennai, filled with scenic, picturesque spots, a perfect weekend spot for the youngsters and families.

Wanna know about the promotions and offers, that rummy raani has come up during her Chennai visit? Chennai is colloquially called as “Namma Ooru Madrasu” and that’s exactly the name of our promotion.

Namma Ooru Madrasu promotion

Count Coffee – Chennai’s tryst with coffee is well established. Here’s an exciting contest

  1. Count the number of coffee mugs that are given in the page “Play Rummy” (coffee mugs are inserted between the texts).
  2. Click this button twitter share , remove XYZ  and update the Coffee count & Click the tweet button.
  3. Take a screenshot of your tweet & WhatsApp it to 8939033366
  4. Players who successfully complete the above steps would win the Instant Cash bonus of Rs.50.
  5. Earn this bonus online and play some exciting cash rummy game online.

Marina Match – Make a five card long sequence and win the game. You will get 10% of winning amount as a bonus in addition to what you win.

Four Central – Make a four card set of number 4 card and win the game. You will get 10% of winning amount as a bonus in addition to what you win.

Free 50/50 offer

  • Use Whatsapp.
  • Send your username along with the scanned copy of the address proof front and back.
  • Address proof includes Aadhar, Voter ID, Driving License & Passport.
  • Whatsapp it to 8939033366.
  • 50 Tamilnadu players will get an Rs.50 Cash bonus.
  • Note: 50/50 on a first-come-first-serve basis.

These are some of the exciting offers that Rummy Raani has come up with this Namma Ooru Madrasu promotion. Take advantage of all these online rummy promotions and pick up some cool wins.

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