Rummy Raani is Going to Guntur – Deccan Carnival

Deccan Carnival

Deccan Rummy is a fantastic online rummy site that is always abuzz with lots of activities. They have great selection of rummy games that are very intriguing and pulsating at the same time. Their motto is give the best at all times and all the efforts have been towards the same. We have seen Deccan Rummy conduct so many offers and promotions successfully. No matter what you’re looking for from an rummy online site, you’re sure to find it at Deccan Rummy and you may just find something new you like too.

A rummy site is defined by its promotion and that’s exactly what Deccan Rummy is bringing up to the users. If you take a look at the promotions, it will be evident that they are pulling out all stops to ensure each and everyone of them is proving to be exemplary for the users.

Rummy Raani – out there to cast a spell

Amidst the flurry of promotions oflate, what captured our attention was the introduction of their brand new avatar “Rummy Raani”. Stylishly designed, rummy raani exudes confidence and is all set to enthrall the users with so many promotions that the users can enjoy and she’s out there to celebrate the cultural richness of India in every way we could imagine. She comes with the tag “Promotions are mine – All you’ve got to do is to Lap up” . This is exactly what we expect players are going to do.

Calling herself as the Face of Deccan Rummy, she’s out there to cast a spell with some magical online rummy promotions and offers. Unless you are living under some rocks for ages, you might have not missed her fantastic debut where she proclaims loudly that she’s out to enthrall the users with a series of promotions.

The first promotion that Rummy Raani has come up with is the Deccan Carnival. This promotion is out there to celebrate the rich diversity and culture of Indian cities. Rummy Raani is going to Indian cities and collect some important facts and information about that cityt and make sure each and everyone of them is replicated in Deccan Rummy tables in some form. Additionally, she is also going to give some special offers and promotions for the players to enjoy.

Glorious Guntur

Glorious Guntur promotion

Rummy Raani’s first stop is going to be land of chillies and cotton. Curious to know about the place? She’s chosen #Going2Guntur as her first stop in her thrilling journey. In her Guntur sojourn she has collected the following information:

  1. Guntur is an educational hub of Andhra Pradesh where many eminent personalities have their roots. This region also is identified to be the major transportation and textile hub in India.
  2. The culture of Guntur is very rich and lively and its’ residents take a special interest in art forms like Kuchipudi, Carnatic music and folk dance. International Kalachakra Festival held recently is one such example
  3. Guntur district is the largest producer of Mirchi and Cotton. You can find the largest Mirchi yard here.
  4. Guntur has the very famous Amravati Buddhist Stupa, Mangalgiri Temple, Amareswara Temple, Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary.
  5. Legend has it that the famous Kohinoor diamond, one of the most popular gems in the world, was mined near a rivulet in Guntur district.

#Going2Guntur is Amazing right? It’s always great to know some additional information about an Indian town in this country of cultural richness.

What is a promotion is without benefits? Here are some exciting opportunity to make some additional cash:

#Going2Guntur Promotions

1. Get 15% Booster Bonus up to Rs. 750 for one of the deposits.
Deposit with the bonus code RUMMYGUNTUR and get the bonus amount instantly to your account.
2. 100/100 Promotion
This offer is applicable to players who are Guntur natives. If you are from Guntur, here is a easy chance to earn Rs. 100 cash bonus
• WhatsApp your Deccan Rummy User ID and one of your ID proofs to 8939033366
• After successful verification, the players would receive Rs. 100 Cash Bonus to their account.

Right! #GoingtoGuntur is an amazing offer, ain’t it? If I were a player, I would lap it up instantly as Raani says. This promotion is all set to hit the bulls eye. Go for the bonus amounts and make some additional cash now.

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