How is Rummy- the mother of Card Games?

“If you were to put together a ‘Greatest Hits’ list for card games, you’d have to put Rummy at the top of the list” – Susan Perry.

The statement mentioned above is so true in today’s world. Rummy has crowed itself the king of all the card games.
Rummy, the most popular of games in the current gaming industry. It is considered the best of all card games. The primary objective in Rummy is to group cards according to the rules of the game. Therefore you have to meld cars in the form of pure, impure sequence or sets. Indian Rummy has three variants- Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy. The game has a lot of moments for you to enjoy. Rummy is at its supreme peak of popularity with the online avatar of the game. It is one of the most played games in India.


The origin of the game doesn’t have an official record. However, some experts say that the game has originated from the Spanish card game – Conquian. Whereas there are some, who debate that the game has come from a French variant of Poker, and there is a group arguing that it has come from the Chinese game of Mahjong.

Regardless of the origin, the game is super fabulous. Millions are playing the game through Rummy mobile apps and Online Rummy Websites. Many gamers love the game because of few reasons like easy rules, accessibility, real cash prize, mental toughness, thus increasing our mental skills, and more than these the thrill and excitement in the game.
Rummy has given birth to games like, Bridge and Pinochle


It is a scientifically proven fact that the playing Rummy regularly can imbibe the quality of strong memory power and smartness in an individual. It is totally wrong that Rummy is a game of luck. A player’s skill is tested in the game, the same way; only the player’s skill can decide the games. In addition to this, the supreme court of India has declared this to be a skill game rather than gambling.
The massive fan following is making the game stand tall in the gaming industry. Such glory is making Rummy the mother of all card games.

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