Rummy Cash Games vs Tournaments

Rummy Cash Games

Dhoni or Kohli, Federer or Nadal, Messi or Ronaldo- there’s always been two ultimate faces in a game. It is challenging to choose the best from the two. Both are special and great in their own way. Similarly, it is so much difficult to choose between cash games and tournaments in online Rummy. Both these formats have their plus and minus. However, the most favorable game amongst the two varies from every individual. Both formats are exciting in their very own means. Let’s discuss the features of both formats. Before that, there a section you need to read.

Where can you play rummy tournaments?

Check out India’s best online rummy host-Deccan Rummy. Deccan Rummy has a wide range of tournaments, both free and cash tournaments for you throughout the week. There are plenty of cash games hosted, with point values starting from 0.01.


The amount of time you are going to spend playing the game will decide on the apt format for you. The game is available 24*7; only when you can play the game anytime the day, you should prefer playing tournaments. It is a known fact that players will need a lot of time to complete a tournament. Cash games take only a few minutes to complete. People who play the game to enjoy their retirement life can preferably choose to play tournament formats.  If you don’t get enough time during weekdays, but still you wish to play tournaments, you can choose the weekend.

Deccan Rummy has got surprises every weekend. If you don’t get enough time to play tournaments, you can go for rummy cash games. So the actual difference is that tournaments are preferable for people who aren’t engaged with work throughout the day. Cash games are convenient for everyone; at the same time, it will take time to fill your pockets. Playing cash games will not be anything less.


Playing Rummy games needs a lot of patience and endurance to be successful. If you lack patience, then you can play cash games, and if you have control over your patience, then go for tournaments. Errors in tournament cost so much, it would exit you from the tournaments. Imagine playing the finale game for Rs 1 crore prize pool, and making a wrong move might lose you the impressive prize pool. Wrong moves in cash games also cost your game, but compared to tournaments, cash games will cost less.

Just because you have enough time to play tournaments doesn’t mean that you should only play tournaments. Success entirely depends on your focus and stability. Playing cash games develop rummy skills in players.

If you are someone who can attend a boring office meeting or someone who can wait in the airport for a delayed flight or someone who can wait until his girlfriend finishes shopping then you are mentally strong enough to play tournaments.

Like for variety

It’s human nature that people get tired/ bored with doing monotonous activities. Every person would like to have a difference in their daily life. Playing a variety of tournaments will never make a player feel bored. When you are tired of playing cash games, try out your hands on a wide range of tournaments available. The difference in formats in every tournament makes it very interesting to play the game.


Time to decide on which is preferable. Be it tournaments or cash games, whatever the format be; it’s all up to the person’s rummy skill. If you are playing the game just for time pass, then a win in cash game satisfies you, but if you look for exploration, playing a tournament will get you the answer. Both formats earn you money; it’s up to your liking for the game.

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