Five ways playing rummy beats stress

Online Rummy

Indian Rummy is a fastidious game where the player needs to deploy several strategies to win. A win in an online rummy game can be achieved only through hard work and sufficient practice. As with the old Chinese adage “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”, Champions are not born in a day, they are made one after years of hard work.  Achieving victory in rummy games goes a long way apart from the bragging rights and money, yes, there is a lot more than what meets to the eye! Well, while there are plenty of people playing for the money, for some money, is not the holy grail, there are players who play the game for reasons other than money. In this article, we shall discuss in depth about this topic:

1. Online Rummy reduces stress levels

Studies reveal that playing skill games reduces the stress a great deal. It helps the gamers to disperse negative energy from their body and become productive in their activities. It’s all about cortisol, a stress hormone which gets released at times of stress. Indulging in an engaging and pulsating game like rummy helps regulate the cortisol level thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

2. Increases Focus and attention

The rummy game requires your complete focus and attention. A slight slip could spill a doomsday on your chances. You will have to be constantly on your toes thinking about various possibilities to make your melds. This will help you improve your focus and attention span.

3. Expands your social circle

The rummy game was always known as a community game where people interact with each other and have oodles of fun. In this age of social media, online rummy has become an additional platform through which you can connect with like-minded players and enjoy the game. With interactive chat options, players can share their gaming experiences and socialize.

4. Improves critical thinking

The beauty about 13 card rummy game is each game is different. What rummy strategy worked in one game need not necessarily work in other games. As a player, you need to act to the situation and develop a strategy to better your opponents. As a result, your reaction time improves and also you develop critical thinking skills as you are forced to come up with new strategies each time.

5. Rummy makes you more positive

As you play rummy for a while, you get used to wins and defeats. Isn’t our life full of ups and downs? While playing a 13 card rummy game, we learn from our mistakes and we make sure we don’t repeat the same in the next game. Rummy teaches us the lesson to look at things positively which is an essential trait to be successful in life.

Today technology has changed the way the game has been played completely. Each and facet of gaming has changed. The online gaming industry is thriving like never before. More and more players are joining online gaming. Rummy being a simple game with high rewards remains the No 1 preferred game among the gaming enthusiasts. If you have not gotten on the online rummy bandwagon yet, we strongly recommend the game to you. No matter whether you play rummy free or with cash, you’ll find it entertaining and immensely beneficial on multiple counts. Download rummy app now to enjoy rummy on the move

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