How are points calculated in Online Rummy?

The game of Rummy is extremely popular in the Sub-continental location. The game has many interesting facts behind its journey. The card game in its online avatar is now India’s biggest Gaming Industry. Online Rummy is great treat Rummy enthusiasts and has also brought in many new players with the game’s easy accessibility and availability. It is a well-known fact that Rummy is connected with the traditional life of Indians. 

 This blog is for the new-comers to the site. You get to know about how the points are calculated in a Rummy game. In Online Rummy, you not just win a game but also get to increase your bankroll value. The more points you win from the game, the more the money you win in a game. Before heading to this blog, make sure to go through on How to Play Online Rummy. 

Now let’s look at how to calculate points in a rummy match. 

Point calculations:

  • When you drop from the game at the beginning, i.e., your first turn, you will lose 20 points, and if in case you leave the table in the middle of the game, then it will be counted as 40. 
  • When it comes to the numbered cards, the cards hold the same value as on the card. From 1 to 10, be it from any suit, it will own the same number as in the card. 
  • All the face cards (A, K, Q, and J) hold the same point value of 10. 
  • Jokers even play an integral part in the game; it holds Zero points. 
  • Once a valid declaration is made in the table, points from the losing hands are summed and get added to the winner’s wallet. 
  • The maximum points from a player can be only 80. 
  • In case a player misses three consecutive turns, then it will be considered a middle drop, and you will lose around 40 points.
  • It is also to be known fact that wrong declarations will be counted 80 points. 
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