How to play Rummy the orthodox way?

Rummy Card Game

The Rummy card game is so much popular around the globe. The game carries a rich history and tradition in India. The card game is played in different types- 13 card Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Kalooki, 500 Rummy and Oklahoma Rummy. The skill game develops the mathematical and decision-making skills in an individual; therefore, playing the game stimulates the human brain.

The Online Adoption of the game is making the game so much popular.  Millions are enjoying the online card game in more than a dozen Online Rummy sites. The passion for Indians on the game is unimaginable.

In India, 13-Card Indian Rummy is so special. The objective of a player is to improve the cards in his/her hand. The first person to form the winning hand wins the game. The winning hand must have a pure sequence, and all other cards meld in the form of either pure or impure sequence or even sets.

Each card in a pile has its own rank value. In each club- Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club there are 13 cards from 1 to 10 and face cards A, K, Q, and J.  The rules might look easy, but the game turns challenging as you play. Winning in Rummy is an art. Not everyone is a legend in the game. Some techniques can win you the game.


Here are some orthodox techniques:

  1. A Rummy player’s primary priority is to have a pure sequence. Only after this successful step, players have to look for something else.
  2. A player must drop from the game if there isn’t a possibility for a pure sequence in hand.
  3. Players must also look out for the cards opponents pick and drop. That’s the way you read an opponent’s hand in a game.
  4. Higher points can turn the tide on the other side. These cards can turn a big loss for a player.
  5. A sequence is made with three or more cards. Many players fail to realize this during the game.
  6. Be cautious about the cards you hold and drop, smartness is the key to success here. For Example, six can make a sequence with 4 and 5 of the same suit. At the same time, the card can make it with 7 and 8 of the same suit.
  7. Joker cards can decide the winner of the game. These cards must be used effectively with utmost care. Joker card usage in a sequence as its rank value must be avoided.
  8. Waiting for a longer time for a single card is not something a matured rummy player does.

Winning in Rummy is a skill. The skill game is a great test for a player’s smartness. There is a quality you need for success – experience. Experience does matter in rummy. You need high level of patience in every game you play.


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