8 Career lessons to learn by playing rummy online


The rummy game has picked up steam since the advent of online rummy. As hundreds of rummy sites mushroomed in the recent past, players these days now have so many options to choose from. From being played within the confines of home to card parties during festivals to card game clubs to its present online form, the evolution of rummy has been phenomenal. An estimate of more than 50 Lakh customers joined various rummy sites within the past few months. Deccan Rummy, Rummy Circle, Junglee Rummy, Ace2three are the major players covering nearly 70% of the market. One of the major reasons for the preference of rummy card game is that it is primarily a skill game.

Like every other game, the rummy game offers a lot of life lessons if you chose to learn. In this post, let us see some of the common life/career lessons that you can pick up by playing this game online.

1.       Picking the table that suits you

The first step while playing rummy online is to choose the best rummy table which that fits you. For it, you need to analyze a lot of factors like your budget, quality of your opponents and your playing style. It is quite applicable to your career as well. You need to pursue a career which suits your skill set, gives you good growth prospects and offers financial stability

2.       Keep honing your skills

Nobody starts winning right at the beginning. It takes years off rummy players to start winning consistently. Until then, the process involves learning a lot of rummy tricks and strategies. In your career beginnings, it’s all about learning the tricks of the trade. Your skills will grow with experience and you will eventually attain mastery.

3.       Discipline yourself

It’s important to stay disciplined and have control over your gaming habits while you play rummy online. You need to remember not to be consumed by excessive avarice and stay grounded all the times. A single emotional mistake might ruin years of your hard work. Similarly, in your career, a single emotional outburst could damage the reputation that you have built for years.

4.       Consequences for action

While playing rummy, it is you who is responsible for your actions. Every move of yours could have an impact in the game. Similarly, in your career, it’s important you need to remember, every action of you has come consequences. That way, you wouldn’t take hasty decisions and be prudent at all times.

5.       A bad hand is not the end

It’s quite natural to lose at rummy on occasions. Perhaps, a loss then and it is good enough to keep us on the ground. A bad hand not necessarily means the end of the road for the rummy player. You may face such hiccups in your career in the form of missed promotion, failed assignments in your career. However, you must remember there is some light at the end of the tunnel and remain positive

6.       Take new plunges

Rummy pros are not afraid of taking up challenges. They love to fish into new territories and find thrill in doing so. Similarly, in your career, you have to reinvent yourself by taking up new challenges else you run the risk of being obsolete.

7.       Enjoy every moment

A good rummy player enjoys the game no matter if he wins or loses. For him, it is all about enjoying every moment of the game and its quirks. Similarly, it’s important to enjoy every moment of your work so that there is no room for complacency or boredom to set in. People deliver to their potential only when they find the work intriguing

8.       Do not keep digging into your past

Your past has no bearing on your present game. It is the present game which is your telling tale. Similarly, do not carry your baggage from earlier employments into your current role as it just acts as baggage. Quickly adapt to your present employment culture and perform with the right spirit.

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