Free Rummy

Rummy, as we all know is the one of the major hobbies of Indians. Be it during a family function, get together for festivals, home or clubs, we see people playing rummy happily. The game is played without any age restrictions. In the foregone days, rummy was played with actual cards and live players, now with the advent of technology; the Indian Rummy game is played online. Playing Indian Rummy for stakes has been declared legal by the Honorable Supreme Court of India. There are many versions of rummy played all over the world, but the most popular version is 13 card Indian Rummy game.

The most captivating form of 13 card rummy game is the free rummy. If you’d noticed most of the rummy sites conduct freeroll rummy tournaments in addition to the practice games. Freeroll tournaments are getting massive when it comes to the prizepool. During Indian festivals or any other important holiday that has a cultural significance, these sites conduct special rummy tournaments that are open to all rummy enthusiasts for free. It’s raining money everywhere!

Free Rummy

All prominent rummy sites like Junglee Rummy, Online Rummy News, Ace2Three, and Rummy Passion have their share of freeroll tournaments. The reason freeroll tournaments attract so many players is just not limited to the enormous prizepool but also for the fact that they are extremely competitive and attract the best minds from all sites. Unlike cash games where regular players only play, in the freeroll tournaments many random players do participate as these sites advertise their tournaments a lot on Facebook and google ads. So these tournaments turn out to be more competitive than the cash games. Whenever a freeroll tournament is advertised, players from several rummy sites congregate and play the tournament. So no matter how successful you are in cash games, these freerolls are going to push you to your limits.

Whenever you signup in a rummy website, you will get some practice chips using which you can play practice games. Playing practice game is imperative for a smooth transition to competitive freeroll tournaments. You have nothing to lose while playing practice games, as soon as your practice chips are exhausted, it will be refilled in matter of minutes. It is while playing practice games; you can finetune your rummy strategies and play confident in the rummy tournaments going forward.

A site like Online Rummy News has more than 7.2 Lakhs riding on the freeroll tourneys giving the users an opportunity to win a bag full of cash. So what are you waiting for? Register now and Start playing rummy online card game for free.



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