What makes Online Rummy better than Offline Rummy?

Rummy is a popular card game relished by many across the country. The mobile gaming industry has undergone several changes – just name them revolutions- with a huge leap in technology. With many other games in a queue, Rummy is now a leading online game in India. Before the arrival of Online Rummy, there were many talks and concerns about gathering people to play the game. The advent of the online version has raised the bars of quality rummy gaming. People automatically pop into choosing to play rummy online.

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Online Rummy vs Offline Rummy

Now let’s check out the advantages of the online version of Rummy.


The traditional game of Rummy needs players to rope in together at a place to play the game. So the physical presence of a person is a must in offline Rummy, which is not possible in today’s lifestyle. Things are so much instant today. For example, playing Rummy is very easy and instant in the present time. Mobile Rummy apps are available in all platforms- boosting the popularity of the game. The online version has made it possible for players to play Rummy whenever and wherever they are comfortable. Lying on the bed, traveling from one place to another, waiting for your flights, nothing of these will stop you from playing Rummy.


Players are open to play the three variants of Rummy- Deals, Points, and Pool Rummy. What if, in real-time play, your opponents do not want to play your favorite type of rummy game? Online Rummy facilitates you to play with players wanting to play the same type of Rummy as yours. Change your genre of the game according to your mindset and also get accompanied with many players from various geographical locations every time. In real-time, a player would be able to play in just one table, but playing rummy online allows multiple table access at the same time.


Playing for money is something that strikes the mind while thinking about traditional Rummy. There are many chances for a person to land into trouble while playing for money. This issue has overcome in online Rummy, as every individual playing the game can set their own limits on cash deposits. Winning tournaments in online will earn you big rewards. Online Rummy hosts bring in huge rewards for rummy tournaments. Rewards are one of the impressive factors of Online Rummy. From cars to mobile phones, there is a pool of rewards available for the players to own. Not just rewards, bonuses have made it possible for players to step into Online Rummy dependently. Real cash bonuses and bonus points encourage players to count on the rummy host. The concept of Bonuses and other promotions, like tournaments and leaderboards, are not available in the traditional game of Rummy.


Online Rummy has the interference of Internet and Net-Banking – so there are chances for interruptions, and many get stuck up at any point in time. That’s why online rummy portals provide a 24*7 customer support service for their rummy players. Players can connect with the support team members through Chat, E-mail, and Calls. You are not Left all alone in Online Rummy. For the beneficiary of a beginner, online rummy portals provide the guide to play the game in their very own website and rummy app.

Safe and secure

The game is structured the way supporting the legal policies of the government. Players face money issues while playing offline. But in online Rummy, each and every penny you pay is traceable and recorded. All the money transactions made in an online rummy portal is safe and secured. Online Rummy hosts use the market’s best payment gateway software enabling smooth money transactions.

When the main concerns of the traditional offline rummy gaming turn out to be the advantages of online Rummy, who would stop themselves from playing online Rummy?

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