Indian Rummy Rules

Indian Rummy is a challenging game. The game requires skill, decision making, strong memory power and most importantly keen focus to succeed. However, do not get worked up. Rules of the game are not a rocket science; anyone with a genuine interest can learn. The game has its share of intricacies that you can pick up as you gain sufficient expertise.

Indian Rummy card game is played between 2 to 6 players normally. Each rummy player is dealt 13 cards. For every game, a standard deck of 52 cards and 2 printed joker cards are used. For games involving 2-3 players, two standard decks (104 cards) and 4 Printed jokers are used. In a clockwise order, each player will get to be the dealer i.e the one who distributes the card.


The objective of the game is simple. Players have to meld the 13 hand cards given to them into proper sets and sequences. A valid declare must have minimum two sequences and out of these sequences, one sequence must be a pure sequence. The second sequence might be anything even the one made with the joker.

Sets & Sequences

A sequence is the 3 or more consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. A sequence can also be made using a joker but for a valid declare in an Indian rummy game you compulsorily need at least one pure sequence, the sequence without any joker card. If the joker is 4 of spades and you are making a sequence that has 7, 9, 10 of hearts, then you can use the 4 as a substitute for 8, which is missing and complete the sequence.
A set is a combination of three cards of the same rank with differing suits. Eg: 6,6,6 of spades is a valid set. You can joker cards for any missing card.

The Deal

All the players (assuming 6) are seated at a table. A toss decides who’s going to start the proceeds. By toss, we mean the player who has the highest ranked card out of the random cards thrown at one each to the players. All the players are then given 13 cards face down. After the cards distribution, the next card from the deck is placed with its face up constituting the discard pile or open deck.

After the joker card is chosen, rest of the cards are placed face down in what becomes the stockpile or closed deck. The first card from the stockpile is placed face up so that it is visible to all player. This card acts as a wild card or joker. If 4 of spades turns out to be the joker card, then all cards with rank 4 irrespective of their suits can be used as a joker.

Playing the game

The first player picks a card which is either the first card of the discard pile or the top card of the closed deck. After the player picks it up, he/she would have 14 hand cards. The player examines the possibility of forming sets or sequences with the card. If the picked card can be used, the player then drops a card that is of least importance to his/her objective or the player can drop the card he just picked and wait for his next turn. Similarly, the next player gets to do his/her moves. The process continues till a player completes his/her objective of melding the 13 cards into valid sequences and/or sets.

Valid Declare

Most online rummy sites have a button called declare for the player to submit. Once the player completes the melding process, he must arrange the card into valid sets and sequences and click on submit.

How are winners determined?

Every card in the deck has a certain number of points. Number Cards are worth their face value. Face cards J, Q, K, A of all suits carry 10 points each
In an online rummy game, the winner wins with 0 points. Points of the players who lost are calculated based on the numerical value (points) of their unmatched cards. Losers get their points based on the total of ungrouped cards.

In a rummy online card game, a player can get a maximum of 80 points. For example, if the player’s hand-score happens to be 95 (based on the cumulative point value of the non-grouped cards), he would still lose the game with 80 Points. If the player does a wrong submit, he loses 80 points. When the player misses 3 turns continuously, this is considered as a middle drop and the player loses with 40 points. If the player drops the game in the first round then he/she loses with 20 points. If the player drops anytime in the next few rounds then he/she loses with the middle drop score of 40 points.

Hope this was helpful. Anyways theoretical knowledge will help you scale some distance. In order to be a successful online rummy player, you must hit the battlefield in a genuine online rummy site. Here’s an amazing news for you, players who are well-endowed with theoretical knowledge about the game are often very successful. Good luck!



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