The rise of the Online Gaming Industry in India


Rise of the online gaming industry

Video gaming industry which was seeing normal growth a few decades back is now seeing incredible growth. Thanks to advancement internet technology, technocrats and digital marketers that worked tirelessly for years to improve the designs and features of online gaming, gambling and casino websites. Market and online researchers have revealed interesting information that the online video gaming industry is seeing 22 to 25% growth during 2018-19 and sources also confirm that this upward trend will only grow in the near future.

People from all walks of life use mobile, PCs and other types of advanced Android devices for playing hundreds of video games during free times and also on the go. Gambling which was considered as illegal several years back is now gaining popularity and millions of gamblers living in India are playing varieties of casino games like roulette, slots, baccarat, and rummy and so on and so forth. The interesting news is that even youngsters that are in their tender age use online platforms, gaming parlors, VFX studios and other methods for playing varieties of online games.  It is for sure more and more Indians that are in their prime age will start playing online games and also casino games in the near future and master them steadily.

Across all age and income groups, ‘fun and seems to be the prime motivator for playing online games. With the growth of digital infrastructure and better payment systems incorporated, more and more players are taking into the online gaming sphere. These days more and more people have access to smartphones, with the arrival of jio, the price of data has been stashed unbelievably thereby allowing large swathes of the population from rural India to get into the internet.

Playing games improves brain power

Scientists and researchers have confirmed that online games like shooting, hunting, formula racing, and other power-packed games improves brain functions and empowers players to a great extent. Gaming industries which operate from various countries keep on launching interesting games and popularizes them throughout the world. Playing strategy games increases our concentration levels and enhances emotional IQ. Most of the online games improve our ability to focus a lot and also enhances our memory skills which mean our brains could save lots of information. According to a neurobiological study, video game improves your memory. You can start your mind-training right away with games like Indian rummy, puzzles, and logic games. You can Download Rummy app to enjoy the rummy game on the move.

Some sites have taken steps such as enforcing responsible gaming to keep your gaming habit in check. While the internet generation feels that getting hooked to the online sphere is bliss, there is also a threat that is looming large which is getting addicted to the platform. Players have to strike a balance between their gaming activity and day-to-day tasks to keep the pernicious effects of gaming away.

Marketing for these online games has improved by leaps and bounds. These days all it takes are a few positive comments and endorsing videos in social media to popularize the product. If you are someone who is smitten by online gaming, then the time is ripe for you to venture into the online sphere.

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