Monday Morning Blues? No Problem here’s the fix

Are you terrified by the prospect of facing Mondays? Especially after a long week followed by a nearly exhaustive weekend! It’s certainly not uncharacteristic and you are not alone in company. There are plenty of people out there who feel foggy just like you. There’s even a term coined for such exhaustion which you might be familiar with “Monday Morning Blues”.

According to a research, nearly 70% of the employees feel Monday Morning Blues. It’s not a feeling of disinterestedness or aversion towards your employer, it’s just the case of overwhelming anxiety. Business these days follow a rigorous work structure that even tires a overwhelmingly energetic employee. This manifests into a stress and naturally, tiredness follows. From a study, employees’productivity takes a dip unto 50% because of Monday Morning Blues and it’s dangerously contagious. Whenever you are unhappy, it not just affects you, it affects your surroundings and you would inadvertently pass on the somberness to your colleagues.

While it’s a bit daunting for the companies to address this issue, all that can be done is some self-regulatory practices by the employees that would help beat Monday Morning blues.

1. Have Proper Sleep

A lot of anxiety occurs due to bad sleeping habits. If you have a solid, undisturbed 7-8 hours of sleep, it’s going to help a lot. If you’re running only on a couple of hours sleep, you will end up waking up fatigued and stressed. Plan your schedule on Sunday in a way that you wind up all leisure activities before 10 PM and go to bed. It will give you a fresh start to Monday

2 .Exercise on Monday Mornings

Few things will energize you like a good exercise. Exercises increases energy levels, improves blood flow and allows you to detox all the harmful substances you’ve consumed over the weekend. Exercising also releases endorphin – a feel good hormone which will keep you brisk throughout the day.

3. Plan your schedule

When you turn up Monday Morning, there’s obviously going to be lots of new stuffs that warrant your attention. From new mails to tickets to other eerily urgent tasks, you’re going to be bombared with a lot of stuffs that can look daunting. Chalk a plan to prioritize all the issues one-by-one

4. Eat the frog

To help combat the anxiety on Mondays, do the most daunting task earlier. Make that uncomfortable phone call, address that tedious mail, or work on that all-consuming ticket first. As soon as you resolve the most important thing which causes you to panic, you end up burying half the problem.

5. Play online games for relaxation

Outdoor recreational activities have become so passe. Not everyone has the time or mood to get along and enjoy an outdoor game like the previous era. Online games have come as a blessing in disguise for such people. You get that adrenaline rush, ecstasy and euphoria of the winning moment from the place you are. Games like Classic Rummy online and Poker are known to improve your mood and also enhance your mental skills.

Just like Chess, rummy is a mind game which tests your cognitive ability. It’s always great to have mentally stimulating exercise than a hard-pounding game outdoor that tires you or even can injure you. When a wonderful game like Rummy is available that you can play from home, why even bother step outdoor for relaxation? Sites like Deccan Rummy have so many offers and promotions everyday. You can not only play for relaxation but also Play rummy and win real cash.

Say goodbye to Monday Morning Blues with these activities. You can easily overcome that overbearing anxiety that keeps you down but can also dominate at your workplace. Play it safe!

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