Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0 Winners

Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0 Results

Well, finally the cyclone has calmed down all its way at Deccan Rummy. The much-awaited winners list is out!

Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0

The ultimatum of playing Online Rummy is winning a Leaderboard promotion. 2020 to be live very soon! Its fiesta all along the way you walk through Indian Rummy. The biggest of the celebration is the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0.
Stepping into a New Year, people look-out for a prosperous start, and Deccan Rummy is there for such an important reason. Deccan Rummy spreads the joy of happiness daily to millions across the country. New Year’s new beginning is all ready for the winners of the New Year Millionaire Leaderboard 2.0.

Millionaire Leaderboard

The 2 crore prize pool was looked up when the announcement regarding the promotion was made. But the truth is Millionaire leaderboard is just a part of the Deccan Rummy’s offering to its valuable players.
As mentioned earlier, Leaderboard is something that Rummy players look out for. Leaderboard kind of Rummy promotion is something more suited for rummy enthusiasts. Every table you play does count in your success. The New Year Leaderboard promotion is so much an emotional one- finishing 2019 on a higher note and to start 2020 with confidence.

Love for Leaderboard

A leaderboard constructs a player; on a more accurate note, it sharpens the skills of an individual. You fill in your pocket and also fill in your minds to win more. This is an offering to all the players in the site. You be a beginner- you have the chance to win big. You be a pro- you have challenges to be at the top. Every table you sit, you have your competitors sitting with you.
A streak of losses is not going to stop you reaching the top; you get to play with the flow, with your wins alone getting counted. Not just wins, this is your chance to win take home some of the stunning rewards.

There were many rushing into the rankings table. 7 Weeks of unlimited action! From day 1 the seats are red hot, and the competitions are very fierce. You would be shocked to know this; the winners were finalized only at the last minute of the closing day. Winning a Leaderboard with such competition is a badge to your rummy profile. Every player on the list was so much keen on making it into the top. Deccan Rummy is blown to see such a great response from our players.


The magnetic vibe bringing in many was the prize pool. Not just the prize pool amount but also the prizes that were displayed on the screen. BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz-A-class, Honda City, Royal Enfield interceptor, and many more on the list. Stunning, Dashing, Hot, Royal class of prizes na?

The prizes are evenly distributed among all the three ranks of players- Gold, Diamond, and Platinum.

Do you think it is not possible to win such big prizes? We have a list of 5 extraordinary rummy players making it big at the end. These 5 are so much passionate about the game, very impressive on table, and definitely consistent.

The Winners

Abhayananda and Prakashplay are the ones riding home the stylish Hyundai Verna from the Diamond rank leaderboard. Abhayananda has a special note for making into the top 3 ranks for 6 weeks in the 7-week contest, whereas Prakashplay held on to the top 3 ranks for 5 weeks.

We have winners also at the Platinum ranks!

Ford Aspire has its owner- Harshal

Harshal found himself on the top 2 ranks for 5 weeks and made it easy to be the winner of the Classy Ford Aspire. Along with this player, there’s another person on the list consistently at the top over the last weeks.

Shruthi1909 consistently scored the top 3 ranks for 5 weeks to don the Indian Roads with the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

Not just the roadside monster- We also take players on a trip to Goa!

There one Rummy player winning a free trip to Goa. Not just the trip, Deccan Rummy is so much pleased to add 50k cash bonus. Suni28 from the Diamond Category is the winner of this super-duper offer. Suni28, get ready to enjoy the trip. Party Hard!

What else could be a better end to sign off 2019?

Deccan Rummy is feeling overwhelmed in thanking all the players who took efforts to be a part of the contest. 2020 has got many more for you. A lot to come for you! We wish you a very happy new year ahead!

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