Mayurget wins Deccan Rummy’s New Year Leaderboard Race



It has been a splendid year for Deccan Rummy with super esteem offers and promotions. Beginning the year with the weekly leaderboard challenge which was warmly received by the players to the high-value tournaments, it’s been a year to remember for the rummy fans all around India. The company has a history of finishing every year on a grand note. This year too they went all guns blazing with Millionaire New Year leaderboard contest which set the tables on fire.

New Year Leaderboard Race

New Year Leaderboard challenges have dependably given a spectacular stage to players to build up a name for them alongside a chance to win something so paramount that they could carry on for the rest of their lives. To make sure it creates an ever-lasting impact, the New Year rummy leaderboard race was announced with a massive 1 crore prize pool. And to make sure every player gets a fair shot at the prizes, the contest was open to three leaderboards.

It was a treat for the players who were waiting for such a major event for the year-end. Players were in no mood to relinquish the chance to win extraordinary prizes and a place in the record books. New Year leaderboard contests provide a perfect platform to showcase your arrival in the big league.

Strong Action

The action was furious from the principal week. Much like all the leaderboard challenges, this was a test of skills and endurance. The challenge was perfect for the players who were rummy grinders. With stunning prizes up for grabs, the action-packed leaderboard challenge saw changes in the position each week. It was always on the expected cards as such contests witness a lot of shift in momentum.

It takes immense skill, persistence, and resilience to position oneself in a challenge this way. The site has clocked a record number of registrants competing for the rich prize pool. This contest was way tighter than the Leaderboard challenge that was conducted last year.

Mayurget – the winner of the New Year leaderboard

Beating all the chances, Maryurget from the Diamond leaderboard figured out how to top the Diamond leaderboard for three weeks. He was well on his way for a decisive victory notwithstanding the slight hiccup in week 3 and 4. However, he managed to feature in the top 5 in all of five weeks. The determination with which he appeared all through the race was amazing. For his splendid victory, he won a brand new Toyota Innova. Mayurget has the history of performing well in the weekly leaderboard challenge. And this victory came as a crown in the jewel for his stellar efforts all the while. The accomplishment of players like Mayurget proves that passion, diligent work, and responsibility will get its due recognition one day.

Says Kenny Goutham, Head of Operations, “Right from the day we announced the promotion, our site has been buzzing with activity. Many veterans and newbies competed intensely to have a shot at the prize pool. Many other players battled out valiantly but couldn’t make the cut because of the extreme competition. Congrats to Mayurget for prevailing in the ultimate competition. It has been a year to remember for DeccanRummy with so many exciting contests that were able to capture the players’ imagination. Stay connected to Deccan Rummy for many other exciting promotions like this”.

Credited as the quickest 13 card Indian rummy site in India, Deccan Rummy has set a benchmark in the rummy business. Rolled 3 years back, the site has pulled off some astounding things for the Indian rummy game community and has steadily climbing up the ladder, giving tough challenge to the already established bigwigs. Interested players can sign up on their website for free!

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