Lockdown tales – Binging on movies vs Online gaming

The rapid spread of Coronavirus has forced the country to go into a lock down which means our weekend go-to zones likes Theaters, Malls, pubs are also shutdown. When you are locked up inside your room all along, there are only a few activities that you can do.

Binge-watching on movies and shows are something definitely on our cards. As many of us gear up for binge watching marathon shows and movies that we’ve missed so far, it’s always good to be wary of the health related problems associated with it. While ignoring is not really an option as you don’t have much activity going, it’s very important to keep a tab on the amount of time you spend on movies.

While we watch shows and movies for entertainment, it’s also good to know about other options that keep you equally entertained. With so much spare time at hands, it’s not a bad idea to invest some on online games. Online games are fun, exciting and also rewarding. In this post, we’ll show online gaming is a superior form of entertainment than binge-watching.

Lock Down


1. Online Games energize you

While binge-watching your favorite show or a selection of movies might be a good time pass, it would render your extremely tired. Your eyeballs might hurt and it will also render your mentally tired. On the other hand, playing online games stimulates your prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for your thinking and keeps you mentally active. It’s vital to remain fresh at the end of lock down period, online games helps you accomplish that.

2. Develops your skills

Watching movies hours together might make you a dullard. 21 days quarantine is a long time. Research indicates that any activity carried out for 21 straight days turns out into a habit. You cannot afford free time to turn you into a lazy bum. Online games helps you improve your analytical and cognitive skills. It is proven that playing online card games like rummy or poker helps you improve your concentration, memory power, and problem solving ability. As always, it is important to not overindulge in online gaming as well. Most online card game sites follow responsible gaming to keep a tab on players’ gaming habits and ensure it doesn’t turn into addiction.

3. Helps you win real money

It is a lot more fun to play online games which fetches you rewards. It invokes the fighting spirit in you and pushes you to your limits. What better time than this 21 day lock down period where you pretty much have nothing to do? You can play rummy online and walk away with big real cash prizes and other rewards. If you want to win big, you could probably aim at leader board contests which come with huge prizes. What you get out of binge-watching movies or series? Mere entertainment and time-pass maybe.

4. Helps reduce your stress levels during this lock down phase

Along with the lock down, a certain sense of panic and uncertainty have taken over all the individuals. Staying put at your homes and following social distancing maybe too much stressful beyond a point. However, we cannot allow stress to consume us. Of all the things bothering us, stress is one thing that’s easily manageable. According to various studies, playing online games reduce stress considerably. Playing skill-based online games like rummy or poker helps us improve our response timing and cognitive thinking. Think about the extra calories you’re going to pile up while watching your favorite show in a slouched position.

5. Gives a sense of accomplishment

What so many of us do is think in hindsight, which means realize something about an event after it occurred. When we blow our whole free time on watching some series or movies, it may leave us with a sense of guilt by the end of lock down period that we’ve wasted our time. With online games and its benefits, you can get rid of such feelings. Whether you win or lose, you get a sense of accomplishing something that you haven’t done for years.


Yes, getting addicted on binge-watching series or even online games is generally harmful for your physical and mental health. However, with responsible gaming practice followed by most online card game sites, you wouldn’t be able to binge on online gaming whereas there’s no control over your watching time. Playing online games is a safe-bet any day.

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