Joker cards from different card games

Joker card is the most loved card in card games. Joker card doesn’t have any fixed design pattern. Not just in Rummy, but joker cards are part of many card games. There has been a new card game introduced in the gaming industry at different times. Joker cards have different uses in every game. There has been a great transformation in cars games. This article is about how Joker is used in different card games,

History of joker cards

People started playing card games in the 15th century, but joker cards were introduced only in the 1860s. Some believe that the word Joker comes from Euchre. The concept of joker card started in Euchre. In the 1860s, American Euchre players brought changes to the rules of the game. The new rules needed an extra trump card. It was called the best bower and holds the maximum trump value.

Britishers also did the same in the 1880s. Best bower was also called Joker and also as jolly Joker. These cards have unique pictures of the manufacturer’s brand image.

Card games with Joker

Chase the Joker

The card game is played between 3 or more players. From the standard pack of cards, Joker, Ace of clubs, heart and diamond are removed. Ace of spades is left over in the pack. The game starts here. The cards are dealt equally among players. In this game, the person holding the Ace of spade at the end of the game will be the loser.


The joker card is used as a wild card in poker. There are 1 or 2 jokers in a deck of card. Wild cards aren’t used in the real casino poker games or tournaments but only in the games played in home and also in the online platform. A wild card can stand as a replacement for any card.

13 card Indian Rummy

One of the traditional entertainment Indians are left with- Rummy. Joker cards here play the same role just like in poker; Joker can be used as a replacement in a sequence. But jokers are active only after the player owns a pure sequence.


Not all 52 cards in a standard card deck will be used here. The game can be played with 32 cards or 28 cards or even 24 cards.

32 cards- A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7 of all suits.
28 cards- A,K,Q,J,10,9,8 of all suits.
24 cards- A,K,Q,J,10,9 of all suits.

Joker cards are added. Joker card is either the highest bower or the highest trump. This card is so much important in Euchre.

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