10 Interesting Facts about Rummy Card game

Rummy is a game which is popular all over the country. Since the time the game went online, the game has grown exponentially attracting users from all parts of the country. As human beings, we inherently require entertainment and fodder for brain to stay active at all times. Rummy Card game provides just that. Though Rummy lacks the global charm of a game like Poker, it is extremely popular in places like India. Turns out many Indian card game enthusiasts consider rummy as their favorite card game.

It is no wonder rummy commands massive popularity among the gaming audience in our country despite the emergence of several sites. Though many of us are familiar with rummy rules and strategies, there are several other factors associated with playing rummy. In this post, we shall discuss a few unknown facts about rummy card game in India.

10 Interesting Facts about Rummy Card game

1, The Origin of rummy is widely disputed. Some theories indicate it has come from a Chinese game called Khanhoo. Similar to that there are many theories ascribed to the origin of the game but none are based on absolute proof. However, there is a general consensus among the card gaming audience that rummy card game has conquian origin.

2. The name of the game originated from the French game Rum Poker.

3. In the earlier days while playing rummy, the loser in the table has to buy the next round of rum.

4. Rummy game has a long history in India right from the Mughal era. Rummy was a court game initially and then it found its way to the hoi polloi.

5. There are atleast 20 variations of rummy card game recorded. However, the exact number of rummy variations are largely unknown

6. Indian Rummy is a combination of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy.

7. Rummy card game is played during every Indian festivals like Diwali, Durga Pooja, Navratri as there is a general belief that playing card game on these auspicious occasions brings in good fortune

8. Not much earlier though, there were several rummy clubs operating throughout the country before the arrival of online rummy sites. These clubs were run legally with license where people could enjoy several card games.

9. Playing rummy card game invokes competitive spirit, increase our cognitive ability and makes us take better decisions.

10. Contrary to the popular perception, Indian rummy is not a betting game nor it is a game of chance. Skill is the primary factor required to succeed in the game. Even the Honorary Supreme Court of India has declared playing rummy for stakes to be legal.

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