How to handle bad hand in Online Rummy?

Rummy is a game of skill; players attain success only with their skill. It is a challenge for a player to reach success in every game they play. The cards are randomly dealt in every game, so it is not possible to get the winning combinations in every game you play. It is a great challenge in every game a player plays at the gaming table.

The game begins at the very moment the cards are dealt. Players always feel the game low when they receive a bad hand in a game. There are many possible ways to handle a bad hand. It is a real test to one’s rummy skills when a player battles with a bad hand.


Practice is so much for any game; it is even more important for Rummy. The more you practice; the more you gain is the experience. Play more practice games; it would definitely make you a better player. Practice games actually sharpen your rummy skills. It is better basement you build for a great rummy career. You get a great exposure to play cash games. It is not the cards that decide the victory; it is your own rummy skill that gets you across the line.

Analyze your card

It is really very important to study the cards dealt to oneself. Start thinking about the best possible ways to win the game as soon as the cards are dealt. Stay cool on seeing many face cards, stay calm on receiving low-value cards. Look out for the primary sequence in your hand. Discard High-value face cards (Jack, Queen, King, and Ace) as they can cause a big loss at the end of the game. Be cautious enough to handle joker cards.

Joker card

In Rummy, joker cards own great value. Getting joker cards alone wouldn’t make a player the winner. It is about how players handle joker cards. Look for the primary sequence, and then meld other cards using the joker cards dealt to you. This would minimize your loss. If you don’t have joker cards, just relax. There is every chance for you to win the game. You could get joker cards from the closed deck any time in a game.

Low-value cards

There is a belief in many players that high-value cards can easily be melded. It is true but not in all instance. Low-value cards have a better opportunity to form sequences. When you know how well to handle the cards, it doesn’t matter whether they are high or low-value cards. It is pretty easy to form sequences with middle-value cards like 5 and 6 than with high-value cards.

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