How PubG won the hearts of millions of gamers

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Mobile phone technology has undergone a tremendous change in preferences and usage. The smartphone revolution has played a significant role in Mobile gaming getting an upswing in the Indian market. India hasn’t been in the list of PC gaming but now it is one of the biggest markets in mobile gaming. It is because of the explosive growth of Smartphone users in this region.

The reduced internet tariff made possible by Jio has paved the way for many newcomers to join the gaming community. PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) is one of the most popular games in the country. It was a PC and a console game at the beginning, after which in March 2018 the game was launched on the mobile platform. It has been in the top position worldwide since then.  Players who preferred a new flavor in gaming tried out PubG as it provided the players an experience they never had.

It is said that 73.4% of PUBG players are using the mobile version. The game is free for mobile users but paid in PC which automatically increases the mobile user count. It is a battle royale genre. The concept of battle royale itself is new to Indians. The penchant to try out anything new helped in catapulting the popularity of the game to the next level.

The last person to stand on the field will be declared the winner. It is all about how you survive the battle and overcome the obstacles. This game is a big hit among the youngsters as this is a multiplayer online game and it has the content to impress youngsters for a long time play.

The concept was similar to Counterstrike which was another popular game among Indian gaming audience, but the weapons, player specification and gaming locations of PubG impressed users to a large extent. This game started to get its own identity right from the parachute jump to the chicken dinner. The graphics used in the game were very advanced giving the user brilliant gaming experience. The game mechanics were quite advanced for its genre which was instrumental in creating its own identity.

Another reason for its huge popularity is the constant updates which create new gaming experience for the users. Being a multiplayer game, the game made its way across to different communities on social media. The game stamped its authority by winning 3 major awards given by Google Play

  1. Best Game of 2018
  2. Most Competitive Title
  3. Fan Favorite Game

The popularity of the game has been unrivaled in several countries. Many game development companies have been trying hard to displace PubG from its top position with their products, but none of them managed to do so till date. The arrival of special PUBG joystick has made game controls easy and has raised the gaming experience up by several notches. Several events hosting PUBG contests are organized around the world which indirectly promoted the game within the community. One of the main reasons for the huge popularity behind the game is the frequent updates the users receive that includes new maps, new accessories and even clothes. This not makes push the gearbox up, but it also adds variety to the game. There are tutorials, tips and tricks and so much out there that one feels a part of the PUBG Mobile family.

The game does have its share of criticism. PubG is deemed as very addictive and also seems to promote violent behavior among youngsters. Despite the accusations, PubG is going strong in several countries.

In India, PubG is right up with the strategy games like Indian Rummy, Poker Online, Teenpatti and other card games which Indians love.  Despite the overwhelming popularity of games like 13 card Rummy and Poker among Indian youth, PubG managed to impress them both and have made rapid inroads into the gaming territory. With no other games matching up to PubG in terms of content and game mechanics, PubG is set to rule the remainder of this year as well.

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