Rummy Tournaments

In rummy players have been drawn to the rummy tournaments like children to video games. Back in the days when card game clubs were big, a lot of rummy enthusiasts visited those clubs to play in the tournaments hosted there. The invention of online rummy made rummy tournaments was a blessing in disguise to a lot of players. Now, the opportunity to win huge real cash prizes is more so than ever. Not only you get to win real money prizes but you get that done simply by being at the place where you are, saving you the trouble of visiting clubs to play rummy tournaments.

The internet rummy games can be played the same way as the games at brick and mortar clubs. If you know how to play rummy then it will not be a problem at all. The speed at which the game moves in the online rummy area is much faster, as the auto-dealing option saves you a lot of time.

Tournaments have always been the glamorous side of rummy, where you are pitted against the people of unknown caliber. Unlike games where the same set of players play, again and again, tourneys see many new players competing. Most of the tournaments come with a big prize pool which seems to be another motivating factor for the players. Rummy players having known for their competitive spirit always like intense competition. They sure are not going to miss an opportunity to face-off against adroit rummy players all over India under one hub.

Rummy tournaments are generally of two types – Freerolls or cash.

1. Freerolls

These are rummy tournaments that are completely free. Players don’t have to pay a penny to participate. For starters, a “freeroll” is a free rummy tournament that doesn’t have an entry fee but gives the opportunity to players to win real cash. Many players consider free rummy tournaments as the best way to build a bankroll and move on to cash games which are considered as the big fish. Some of the freeroll tournaments come with goodies and bonuses as prizes.

2. Cash Rummy Tournaments

As the name indicates, these are rummy tournaments that come with a buy-in and have Real Cash Prizes as well. Players must have sufficient cash in their account to participate in these tournaments.

3. Special Tournaments

Special tourneys are those that a rummy site conducts during special festivals. Often accompanied with stunning prizes, these tourneys are a boon for any players.

Most of the rummy sites have tournaments 24/7 one way or the other. Not all online rummy sites give away the same amount of prize money though. If you are one those player who’s looking to win big cash playing rummy online, the onus is upon you to pick the best rummy site.

You’ll want to look upon 3 areas before opting for a tourney – whether it is free or paid, tourney type and rewards. Most online rummy sites have a diverse range of tournaments be it free or paid. The best way to experience a tournament is by playing it.

Here at Online Rummy news, we will give you all the updates of the existing freerolls and cash tourneys at various rummy sites. We will also provide you with a comprehensive coverage of the special rummy tournaments that are launched by various rummy sites. Stay connected with us for all the instant updates.




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