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February is here! It’s a special month where you spend some extra time with your loved ones. There’s a great aura of love all around the love this Month- February, the month of love. Many make it special and memorable for their loved ones. February 14 is celebrated as “Valentine’s Day”. Every day has a special reason to celebrate, and there’s a great pattern in which people celebrate. People express their affection towards their special ones with greetings and gifts.

Before getting into the celebrations, let’s look at the history of this special month.

History of the special month

The day has an origin from the Roman festival- Lupercalia. The day is celebrated as the day of romance way back since the 14th century. Records are saying Valentine was a priest in Rome during the third century. Emperor Claudius II felt that single men were more effective in the battlefield more than those with wives and families, so he banned marriage for young men. Valentine feeling that this law was an injustice, he continued to perform marriage for youngsters in secret. When this came to light, the emperor sentenced him to death. There were many other stories, one among them- the prisoner Valentine sent the first valentine greeting to his jailor’s daughter.

The month of FEBRUARY REITERATES THE Importance OF LOVE IN LIFE. The celebration goes on for a week. Staring with Rose day on February 7, then followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and finally Valentine’s Day on February 14. These aren’t a random one; every day is connected with others with a reason.

When people around the globe are planning to impress their special ones, Deccan Rummy is making it a special month for its lovable players. We have a lot of players who love the game of rummy more than anything. This is a special deal for you all.  Festoon February is all yours!

Festoon February


This is a gift from Deccan Rummy to compliment your love for rummy. Get 20% bonus up to Rs 1000 this February on your deposit using the coupon code “FEBLOVE20”. The bonus amount will get added to your account in the form of Bonus points. Do not miss out this exclusive offer. The offer is valid until February 29.

Not just the bonus offer, there’s something even more special. The special day is not complete without a special rummy tournament.  Valentine’s Day special Tournament!!

Valentine’s Day Special Tournament


This Rummy tournament is the best plan for you! The tournament carries a prize pool worth Rs 50000 and has 1050 seats for you. There’s just one criterion to join the tournament; you have to deposit a minimum of Rs 500 within the last three days before the day of the tournament. Registration starts at 6 PM, and the contest starts at 9 PM.



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