Facts about the 52 card deck in Rummy

You should have played the game before reading this article. This article has surprise elements for the gamers playing the game. You could have seen and read many about the facts of the famous card game, Rummy. The game does own historical mentions in existence across centuries. The game is derived from another card game Conquian. America is the start point of Rummy’s global popularity.

The game has a very interesting history and game structure, including the format and rummy rules. Have you ever thought why 52 card deck is used in a Rummy game? Know about the amazing facts behind the standard deck of cards.

When did the card game culture start?

As per mentions on the Internet, China is the first country to play card games. The Chinese people started playing cards games in the 9th century. It is said that in the initial stage, the cards were printed on paper, wood and bone. Later the culture was widespread all along the globe. Later European countries like German, Spain, Swiz and many more countries started making their very own brand of cards. Of them, the French version with 52 cards and four suits was very much accepted in many countries. 

Reason behind 52 cards deck

Even though the games have run successfully for centuries, the number of cards has varied over the years. The number of cards has been changing from 24, 24, 36, 40, 48 and now currently the standard 52 cards. People say that the reason to use the 52 card deck is that the number matches the number of weeks in a year. There are 52 weeks in a year. The 13 cards in each suit represent the 13 lunar cycles in a year. The two colours of the cards, red and black, represent the two half’s in a day, daytime and night time.

According to records, there isn’t a clear, precise answer for why 52 card usage came into use. But there are certain factors that led to the standard 52 card deck usage; one of the factors is the English and French colonialism. People say that the French culture of gaming had a pretty quick than the English one. In the French deck, 52 cards are used. 

Popular deck in the globe 

There are many number of card decks available in places like Yale University’s Cary Playing Card Database. The most popular of them is the Bicycle brand playing cards. These cards are popularly used by gamblers, magicians, and casino. The cards are available since 1885, and the cards became very much popular during world war 2 and the Vietnam War. 

Suits in 13-Card Indian Rummy

A standard rummy deck has four suits. Heart, Club, Diamond, and Spade are the four suits with 13 cards in each of them. 

Heart- It symbolises the childhood phase of a human and also the season of spring. 

Club- This suit marks the youth phase of a person and the season of summer. 

Diamond- It marks growth, responsibility in a person. The suit represents the groaning phase of a human in which he/she works towards a successful career. Diamond symbolises the season of autumn. 

Spade- It is the old age phase of a person and the season of winter. 

The four suits represent the elements of nature. In the order of suits mentioned in the above, the suits represent fire, earth, air and water. 

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