Deccan Rummy – The futuristic destination of online rummy

Deccan Rummy, India’s most loved Online Rummy, is serving its players with high-end rummy gaming experience over the years. Many rummy enthusiasts in the country prefer playing real cash Rummy at Deccan Rummy. Their serving consists of a wide range of cash games and tournaments. The site assures unlimited entertainment at the gaming table all day.

Deccan Rummy is undoubtedly making players feel at ease while playing the card game here. The website has all elements that it has a long way to go. The site can easily dominate the rummy society in the future. 

Let us look at some of the best features of Deccan Rummy.

Rummy variants

You can play all 3 types of rummy variants at Deccan Rummy- Points, Deals and Pool Rummy. Players can enjoy playing any of them anytime. Every variant has a wide range of tables available. All 3 variants share the same basics and only vary in the structure of the game. Availability of the variants at the site neglects monotony for a player. 

Rummy Tournaments

There’s a great collection of both cash and free tournaments. Not just in the number of rummy tournaments but also carries a huge prize pool. The site has a huge variety of rewards. Rewards aren’t just given out in the form of cash rewards, but also in the form of gold coin, movie tickets, and many more. There is a new tournament open every hour. You can find an active tourney whenever you log in to Deccan Rummy. 


Deccan Rummy has a very unique identity of hosting awesome leaderboard contests. There’s a  leaderboard contest every week. The give outs at the weekly contests are huge cash rewards and trendy hot smartphones. Not just the weekly leaderboard, Deccan Rummy hosts some huge leaderboard contest like the New year millionaire 2.0 that carried a whopping prize pool worth 2 Cr. Players can honestly wait for big announcements like this on special occasions. 

Rummy bonus

Deccan Rummy has an unbelievable collection of rummy bonuses. You could find some of India’s biggest bonus offers at the site. Do you believe in getting real cash bonus every day? You would say no, but the truth is that players at Deccan Rummy enjoy a real cash bonus up to 200% on the first deposit they make every day. Not just this, there a bonus offer every day in Deccan Rummy. Another remarkable offer you can find here is the refer and earn offer. When you make a successful referral, you get rewarded throughout your rummy career. Yes, it is true to check out to our rummy promotions page for many more hot deals. 

All the above-mentioned points sound amazing, right?

Another awesome point is that this site is charging the least rake fee, in the country. 

When a website gives out such kind of promotions, there would be a large number newcomers approaching the site everyday. Deccan Rummy is a revolution in creation. There are many more surprise for you, head on to DeccanRummy now.  

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