For Indian card gaming industry, this lockdown has been a boon



The novel Coronavirus has forced the country to go on a lock down mode for nearly a month now. People are largely confined to their homes and are advised to follow social distancing. Except for buying essential items, people aren’t encouraged to move out. People are expected to follow the instructions and those flout the rules are punished. The timely lockdown announcement has helped the country to avoid community transmission.

These are testing times for the country but following the rules is critical to prevent community spread. Staying put at home can be frustrating. Not many people can handle the routine, Eat, Sleep, and Repeat for long. But you think of it as an opportunity to indulge in their hobbies. Online gaming has been a great pastime for millions of Indians for some year. The astronomical growth of online gaming industry should indicate its popularity.

Online Gaming to your rescue this lockdown

No longer would you need to visit game stations as your smartphones are well equipped for games. Modern smartphones are a great tool for gaming aside from watching multimedia content. People can enjoy a variety of online gaming genres from the comfort of their living rooms using their mobile phones. From action and adventure, to skill and strategy based card games there are plenty of options available. Online card games like Rummy have been the front runner among the games preferred by the Indian gamers for sometime. In fact, the online card gaming industry has been the leading revenue generator for sometime in the Indian gaming industry.

As fantasy sports sites are more or less dormant due to lack of live events outside, Online card game sites have picked the momentum. Online Rummy sites like Deccan Rummy have seen tremendous spike in their gaming activity.

Deccan Rummy claims to have at least 40% spike in the number of registrations in the recent lockdown days. People reportedly are spending more than 60% more time compared what they used to do prior to the lockdown. Contrary to the popular perception, online card gaming is not just for city-bred audiences. If recent registrations are anything to go by, there are far more players in tier-2 and tier-3 towns than cities.

“As other modes of entertainment are not an option at the moment, online rummy remains a popular option for stay-at-home entertainment”says Thamaraikannan, Head of Operations at

Rummy – Ubiquitous entertainment

Rummy has been ubiquitous hobby in India even before the advent of the Internet. No wonder, Rummy fitted comfortably in the online sphere than the other games. As People were already familiar with rummy rules and how to play rummy, the online rummy platforms tapped this familiarity and grew big.

Rummy is a game which requires you to brainstorm. As a player, it’s a test of your analytical skills, memory, critical thinking skills, and decision-making. With online rummy, you get to test your skills against a player at an entirely different geographic location. Who doesn’t love a healthy competition? Moreover, online rummy platforms give you an opportunity to win real cash prizes something that’s not possible with other games like PubG.

In terms of challenge, online rummy is up there with other strategy games. Just in case the player feels monotonous they can switch to an entirely different variant. Yes! Online rummy sites offer multiple rummy variants – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy.

Sites like Deccan Rummy offer 24/7 rummy entertainment with multiple tables running at the same time. They also have rummy tournaments running entirely throughout the day, just in case the player needs a challenging environment. At these times of social distancing and lack of physical activity, multi-player online games like rummy may be a good option to get connected and socialize.

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