Cards game for this lockdown

To stay safe from the COVID 19, all you have to do is continue doing what you are doing now. Just stay home. Go out only for an emergency need. Avoid getting into crowded places. Make sure to stay clean, wash your hands frequently. Thanks and salute to the public servants who are a helping hand to this society during such a situation. Have some quality food that could increase your immunity power in your body. Many have fought back and now returned home happily. We mustn’t lose hope in any situation.


Online entertainment is now a great source to spend time worthy. Online gaming and OTT platforms have received an enormous amount of viewers during the lockdown. It is so obvious people rejoice their quarantine moments using the online platform. The online platform is a proven stress-buster during the lockdown. 

Especially the online card games. One of the biggest successes of online gaming is making a great collection of card games available online. Here are some card games that you must never miss-out playing them on your mobile phones.


One of the easiest card game to learn. It is always fun to play the card game with friends, and it is possible to connect with friends on the same table. The game has cards from 4 different colours- Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green. A UNO deck has 108 cards of which 76 are numbered cards and 24 action cards along with 8 wild cards. The game has a great reception amongst the family audience. The game is about dropping a card from the same colour (or) suite. Action cards like +2draw, +4draw, skip, reverse, along with the wild cards, make the best gaming experience for players.


The game needs no new introductions, Indians are so much used to this card game. Rummy is considered one of the traditional identities of Indian culture & practice. This game has now turned to one of the giants on Indian gaming Industry. Players can make money and can also get entertained here. There are lots for a player to enjoy online Rummy. Seamless gaming experience, rummy bonuses, Rummy leaderboards, Rummy tournaments including cash and free-roll tournament. You can play the game whenever you wish to; you can seat along with players from different geographical locations. Deccan Rummy is considered the best for many rummy gamers and followers to play the 13-card Indian Rummy.


Like Rummy, this game is getting great popularity in the country in recent times. Poker though looked very new at the start, now looks to be very comfortable to play, is what poker players share with us. If you feel it would be hard to learn the game, do not worry, online poker hosts are giving some fantastic materials on the website to learn the game pretty fast.

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