Five activities to power your brain

The present world requires us to multitask so many times. Given the nature of our hectic lifestyle, we all need to do handle more than one task at a time. Naturally, it’s not possible to give our 100% on every task that we perform. At times, there might be a slip in concentration. While you might know the need to exercise your body, equal importance should be given to mind. Brain training is a rage these days especially when so many people suffer from mind related ailments such as depression and anxiety these days. There are plenty of activities which improves our brain power. Here are a few activities which would help you improve your mind power. In this post, we will look at a few activities which will power your mind.

1. Play games which stimulate your brain

Research indicates that engaging in computer based online games can improve memory and enhance cognitive development. Skill games such as Indian Rummy and Poker requires you to use your cognitive skills to the fullest. These card games are proven to improve your focus and enhance your memory skills. Additionally, these games also give the players an opportunity to win real cash. It is the main reason as to why several players still continue to play card games despite the advent of several action and adventure games.

2. Take care of your body by exercising

If you want to take care of the mind, you need to take care of your body. Research indicates that exercise can prevent brain shrinkage at your old age. Following a fixed exercising routine everyday will increase the production of endorphins, a feel good hormone, which will improve your mood. Consequently, your mind remains active and primed to learn new skills. Research suggests that people involved in physical activity everyday helps avert cognitive disorders such as memory impairment and dementia.

3. Draw a map of your neighborhood

Challenge your brain by drawing a map of your neighborhood from memory. Include all the major landmarks, shops, and streets. Envision a picture in your mind that you could navigate in that neighborhood with your eyes closed and draw. Though, you may find it easier task on paper, it’s actually tough to recreate what you envision. Working on this would challenge several parts of your brain which control your visual and spatial activity.

4. Learn a new activity

One of the best ways to keep your mind active is to learn something new. Learning a new task or an activity would keep your brain on toes. In order to prevent cognitive impairment, psychologists suggest people to constantly engage in new activity. Engaging in new activities could create and strengthen neural pathways and networks. It could be learning a new language or software, or even crafts like sewing or weaving.

5. Writing

Writing improves your memory and does refine your thoughts. To start off, try to write a diary of the events in life daily. You could find yourself becoming more organized and use your time more productively. Writing by hand is proven to be more effective than typing on a keyboard. When writing with our hands, our brain receives feedback from our motor actions such as moving our hands which is significantly different from what we get using keyboard.

These are some ways to power your brain from your home. While these brain games does not make your super intelligent, you will notice that your mind is now more sharper than before with these activities.

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