5 Lakh GTD Howzat tourney is here! Get ready to win big at just Rs. 10


The cricket fever is running high with the world cup commencing. 10 cricketing weights across the world are colliding in the summit event of cricket to have a chance to prove to the world that they are the super-power of cricket. Cricket experts and panelist are busy analyzing the prospects of each team. The fans across the world are super-excited cheering for their teams.

In India, cricket is like a religion with the cricketers enjoying a demigod status. As usual, a billion hopes are pinned on the boys in blue to deliver in the grandest stage of them all. Much has been written and discussed on Shastri/Virat Combo and their impressive success rate. Team India starts the tourney as one of the firm favorites. If anything, the clinical victory over South Africa in the first game should prove why India is rated as firm favorite many cricket experts and fans alike. Let’s see if Shastri/Virat combo delivers one more time.

As the world cup action is heating up, so are the offers and promotions for this carnival. With various fantasy league offers and predict & win promotions coming up with huge returns, the fans have enough offers in their kitty. While the outcome of such contests is largely reliant on the performance of the players you select and also luck to some extent, here’s an exciting contest which allows you to become the action instead of being a mere spectator.

Howzat Tournament – Win 5 Lakhs

Are you a rummy player on a lookout for big wins but can’t afford hefty buy-ins? Well, here is good news for you. It is time for you to make the most of your passion for Indian Rummy and cricket by taking part in our Howzat tournament. Spanning over a month and a half from May 31 to July 14, Howzat comes with a jaw-dropping prize pool of Rs. 5 Lakhs.

Howzat is going to be an exciting and rewarding treat for the cricket fans as well as rummy fans as it promises plenty of action. All players have to predict the winner between the two teams colliding that day and play our Howzat tournament with a low buy-in of Rs. 10. There’s no risk of losing much as it’s not going to create a huge dent in your pocket. What else will you ask for? Winning has been never so easy.

Find something amiss? Guess what? The surprises don’t just end here! If you get your prediction right and feature in the winners’ list, Deccan Rummy would double up your prize money on what you’ve won.

Deccan Rummy has always tried to put forth innovation and creativity on the table. Our Predict *& win contests in the past have proved it multiple times and Howzat is just going to reiterate it. You could be a rummy pro, a newbie or a first-timer, it would be a foolish thing to not to try out this splendid contest that comes with a crazy prize pool.

So, grab a cup of coffee, get perched in the corner and sit back, download rummy app and enjoy Howzat tournament wherever you are.

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